Bad credit house insurance – the search is the key

If you are interested in decreasing your bad credit house insurance premium take a look at what I found on the internet.  It might make a difference in  your decision on where to look.  Take a second and have a look

Having bad credit not only penalizes you from getting mobile phone contracts, obtaining a mortgage or getting a great interest rate on a car loan, but it also increases your insurance premium.  Bad credit shows lenders and suppliers that you have a habit of defaulting on payments or bad spending habits, which puts them at risk.  Because of this risk you are often penalized by having to pay higher than normal interest rates or you may be denied financing and funding altogether.  This is no different when obtaining insurance quotes.  Home Insurance, health Insurance and car insurance quotes are all affected by credit risky behavior.

How Insurance Companies Calculate Your Premium
According to CNN Money, how insurance companies calculate your premium has been a long kept secret; however,  90% of home and auto insurance carriers use a score based on your credit report as part of that secret.  It is important to note that the credit score used to determine your premium is not just your traditional score given by the three credit bureaus.  Your credit score along with other information is used to calculate what’s called an insurance credit score.  This insurance credit score determines how much you'll pay per month for your car insurance.  Good driving habits, no accidents and a low amount of claims on your policy can help improve your insurance credit score, which will lower your premium for the next term, should you decide to go with the same insurance company again….More at Can Having Bad Credit Affect Your Insurance Quote?

Hope the information will make a difference on your search and on your selection.  Thanks for taking a peek.